Medical Malpractice

You need an established and experienced law firm to handle your medical malpractice case.  O’Malley, Harris, Durkin & Perry is a firm with over 87 years of experience.  The firm is headed by Attorney Michael Perry who is a Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate.  He has an AV rating by Martindale Hubbell which is the highest possible rating in both ability and ethical standards.  He has been recognized as a top attorney in Pennsylvania by the Philadelphia magazine and has been designated a “Super Lawyer.”

Any physician can commit medical malpractice.  Your private family physician, an orthopedic doctor, an obstetrician, or any specialist can cause injury to you or your children by negligent treatment.  The most common types of claims are for birth injuries to children, surgical injuries to children and adults, failing to diagnose and properly treat heart, brain, or abdominal problems and failure to properly treat orthopedic injuries.

Our firm has been handling medical malpractice claims for more than seventy-five years and we have an unparalleled record of success in malpractice claims.  Medical malpractice occurs when a physician or hospital has failed to provide treatment in accordance with the standard of care of the profession.  When such substandard treatment causes injury to a patient medical malpractice has occurred.  Medical malpractice in Pennsylvania is governed by the MCare statute.  This statute is very specific to medical malpractice claims and you need an experienced medical malpractice attorney to represent you in these specialized types of claims.

Our firm handles all types of medical malpractice claims including injuries to babies during the birth process causing cerebral palsy as well as other injuries and all types of claims involving negligent medical treatment and diagnosis.  We are one of the oldest, most experienced, and knowledgeable medical malpractice firms in northeastern Pennsylvania and we will help you to obtain the greatest amount of damages to compensate you for your injuries as a result of an injury caused by the substandard care of a doctor or hospital.

It is extremely important that you contact our firm immediately after you realize you have been injured by the actions of either a hospital or a doctor in order that we may obtain all available records and properly investigate your claim.  It is also vital that we speak to you to advise you of any and all steps to take regarding additional treatment as well as potential contact from the offending physician or hospital.  Once we have had an opportunity to speak to you and obtain your medical records we will contact an expert witness physician to review the records and provide us with an opinion regarding the potential malpractice.  It is required under the MCare statute that we obtain an initial opinion from a physician regarding the alleged substandard care in order to proceed with a malpractice action.  We will fund all of the costs involved in this process as well as other phases of the litigation and we will not charge you any fee unless we recover money damages on your behalf.

We are one of the oldest, most successful personal injury firms in northeastern Pennsylvania and we will help you recover the greatest amount of money possible for your damages.

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